Manage and Monitor Projects Smartly

About SmartProj

SmartProj is the intellectual property of Coserve. This solution is built to manage multiple projects along with cross allocation of expensive equipment, resources and employees of any organization.



Monitor multiple projects simultaneously


Allocate resources across multiple projects


Alert on resource allocation conflicts


Create template based tasks


Visualize through Gantt chart and heat map


Convert opportunities into active projects


Allocate Tasks, manage resources & generate alerts

Brands we have used SmartProj for

ESR Technology provides its clients with independent and specialist technical consultancy and services in all sectors where safety is critical and performance improvement through innovation is the competitive edge. They cater to many different industries with independent and specialist technical and engineering consultancy and services and operate three renowned centres of excellence; the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL), the National Centre of Tribology (NCT) and HOIS, a joint-industry project improving non-destructive testing in the oil and gas industry. Coserve is proud to be the prime software development and maintenance services partner of ESR Technology as well as the provider of exclusive offering, Smartproj developed with insights and inputs of ESR Technology on the complexities of managing both technical staffing resources and high value testing facilities to increase delivery throughout, under the realities of changing supply chain and joint working based project environment.

Serving unique business requirements across Industries


Our Expertise

Coserve has developed the SmartProj solution using Salesforce Platform and deployed the same in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Built and run on Salesforce platform:

Fully leverage the strength of the salesforce platform
Security, reliability and ease of use
Deep integration and Salesforce objects
Out of the box functionality with possibilities of customization
Simplicity in deployment

Who should consider SmartProj?

The solution is universal solution and can be used in any organization for managing and tracking multiple projects simultaneously.

How will SmartProj solve your problems?

The solution is integrated with Salesforce platform, so, the organization can convert an opportunity to a project, manage and track the project until the completion.

The project budgets and cost vs the actual margin can also be tracked based on the efforts and usage of resources.