Simplifying Pack and Scan

Royal Selangor


Pack and Scan customization is done to automate and simplify the process of handing units as standard handing unit functionality doesn’t accumulate the business process.

The Ask

Client was using standard handing unit functionality where the vast requirement of handing the shipments in N number of cartons and pallets was a challenge, complicated and was not a user friendly.

The ask from client was to simplify the entire process from scanning of items under a carton till the palletization and auto confirming the shipments.

Our Solution
  • Once the shipment number is generated for an order user will not be able to confirm it until it is packed and scanned.
  • Developed a customized session to capture the order, carton no, mode of delivery and other important details.
  • Once the carton is created, user will start scanning the items from warehouse physically which will automatically get picked in developed customized session.
  • The process continues till the last carton.
  • Once the last carton is reached, label will be printed to be sticked on the carton which will have all relevant data printed on it related to that order.
  • After the label print, user will finalize the carton, once the order is finalized the corresponding shipment will be auto confirmed.
  • In case of any difference in order qty and scanned qty then “Return not shipped” functionality will be auto processed sending back the stock from staging to bulk.
  • Another user will do the palletization, another customized session to pick all the cartons to be delivered.
The Impact

Client is using this customization from a year now and they are really happy as it simplifies their process which fulfils their objectives as well as reduces manual and repetitive work.
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