Application Support Maintenance & Functionality Extension


Applications support is a service that ensures the operational processes in a business run smoothly and enables users to conduct their business


Easily integrate with third-party software applications
Covers all sectors of manufacturing, service, finance.
Covers all business processes and working on those processes is quite simple and easier than other ERP.
Easy to develop and implement any new business process or reports as per business requirements.
Infor ERP LN has two types of users, super and normal, so activities can be controlled.
Easily monitor your entire business.
Any issues in the process can be easily resolved.

ERPs can help with invoicing, estimating, scheduling.
Also internal aspects like cash flow, payroll material counts, and more.
Applications management service includes the following steps:

Application Transition
Application Maintenance

Our Expertise

Application Support

coServe is well known organization in Infor support. coServe provides all levels of expertise on LN system. Resolving all the issue on/before time so it helps business to run their processes smoothly and faster to achieve their organizational goals.

Functionality Extension

If any process needs to be improved, our internal functional/technical team provide best possible solution to the business users so that they can run business very smoothly.

Application Maintenance

coServe’s all teams, always taking care of all its customer organizational benefits. So coServe timely ask customer about any current issues or future challenges so that team always be ready to support and help their organization to be safe zone and their organization will not be have any issue in the system and with the system helps they will achieve their goals easily.

Brands we've worked with

Improved Efficiency

Few standard processes take some time so with the help of extensions system will work more efficiently.

Business Process Continuous Improvement

Business users are continuously working hard to run their business smoothly and successfully, so to understand the continuous improvement in business system must support the business and understand and map those new process successfully with continuous improvisation in the system.

Better Decision Making

As world changes quicker and faster, this can be achieved through the correct decision making, LN support those feature such as dashboards, graphs, etc, help in understanding the current situation of business and business user can take better decision on how to achieve the business goals.

Helped Business user

Business user are often changes their job and new employee doesn’t understand the new system, so helping those new joining with giving support whenever user made a mistakes, correcting them on right time so it helps business, new user always comes with new ideas to improve the business process and benefits the organization, so changes must have required in the system, LN helps user to achieve the same in system.

Cost savings

Timely support and timely maintenance support business to save in business time and its cost. Infor ERP LN provides the flexibility you need to make an often-complex web of enterprise systems work together with perfection. It provides the long-term sustainability to optimize return on technology investments.