Digital Manufacturing

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Digital manufacturing is upending long-run relationships and is influencing paradigm shifts in the world manufacturing industry landscape. Smart enterprises are greatly able to enhance resource potency and efficiency of production systems, while magnifying geographical proximity and acceptance. Consumer choice is being increasingly integrated, thanks to the agility and flexibility of digital processes. Smart Ecosystems are rendering distributed and flexible production possible. Collaborative processes are able to achieve mass customization of products and services, while intelligent workforce solutions are providing newer and highly productive tools for human interface, colleague and customer experience.

coServe Solutions is collaborating with our customers to orchestrate such ecosystems. Our discrete manufacturing expertise has been built over a decade; across micro verticals such as Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Heavy Machinery and Electrical Appliances & Components.

coServe provides 360-degree solutions to our customers to continually improve their systems. Our consulting and technical teams work in close collaboration with our customers to strengthen, modify or change existing legacy processes to deliver their digital platform vision. While assisting them in carefully selecting and integrating applications on industry leading Cloud platforms, coServe engineers orchestrate frictionless data flows, build automation routines and help deliver an intelligent virtual enterprise.

Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is charecterized by batch production, formula management, by products, co products. ERP systems should have last mile functionality to address all the business processes required for the manufacturers. Quality Assurance is another major requirement of these manufacturers. Having a good recall functionality with lot traceability, non conformance management, regulatory compliance are needed to be managed in the enterprise applications. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) framework provides the foundation for the process manufacturers and the consultants ability to provide knowledge on the domain as well as application becomes the formula for a successful recipe. coServe is uniquely positioned to make the enterprise investments into a successful reality with its vast experience of implementations.


Aerospace & Defense

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No industry faces the high quality standards and strict regulatory scrutiny of the aerospace and defense industry. When you use complex manufacturing processes and high-cost components to make sophisticated products, you need a manufacturing ERP solution with enough power and breadth to keep up. With Infor LN, you get all the power you need to maintain high quality and profitability from contract to contract and from year to year.

  • Infor has a long history in the Aerospace and Defense Industry
  • Infor LN has been in use in the largest ERP Implementation in the world
  • All of the major A&D contractors use some of Infor’s solutions
When your manufacturing operation requires detailed tracking of millions of parts worth billions of dollars from thousands of sources worldwide, you can rely on Infor LN. No matter how complex your operations are, with Infor LN, you get to focus on your projects and customers, drive efficiency and innovation, and manage costs while growing your business. You’ll gain faster time-to-value and increase your business agility to increase your competitiveness in the aerospace and defense market.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

coServe’s expertise in delivering ERP solutions for the sector covering the areas of financial management, supply chain management,business intelligence and analytics. Flexibility to support asset management and performance management; budgeting and planning; warehousing and logistics; clinical messaging; health information exchange; continuous monitoring; expense management; onboarding and off-boarding; HR case management; and learning management provides the following benefits

  • Integrated tools for collaboration within and across departments.
  • Embedded analytics with advanced reporting functionality.
  • Workflows, alerts, and role-based dashboards to boost productivity.
  • The ability to capture and analyze project costs to stay on budget.


Retail & Consumer Durables

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One of the major requirements for the retail industry is the ability to accurately forecast sales. Demand management is one of the core modules of Infor ERP and delivery of various projects by coServe proves the mastery of the tool by its consultants. Together with the power of master planning, Infor LN delivers an excellent solution. Infused with the latest innovations in data science, this powerful demand planning platform provides retailers with a modern and sophisticated approach to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.


Inventory and Warehouse Management are the key aspects that logistics companies have to manage. Infor LN together with Factory Track provides a good combination to address the growing needs of the business. Together with ION, Ming.Le, Document Management the Infor ERP LN delivers complete end to end solution managing all aspects. An intuitive user experience can be personalized to fit varied employee needs, fostering a productive working environment. Users will be able to easily find information relevant to their jobs, see everything in context, and automatically receive alerts when something requires immediate attention.




Infor Construction is a cloud-based construction management and accounting solution that delivers timely information to make managing jobs more efficient. Contractors and builders of all sizes, across all industry segments, rely on Infor Construction to monitor the performance and profitability of every contract. Compare estimates versus actual costs. Track percent complete, labor productivity, and unit costs. And, manage subcontract relationships.123

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