Simplifying Centralized Auto Document Numbering

Thailand's Osoth Inter Laboratories Co. Ltd (OSI),


Thailand's Osoth Inter Laboratories Co. Ltd (OSI), which is a part of the SAHA Group consisting of 200 companies, specializes in manufacturing both OEM and branded pharmaceuticals as well as dietary supplements. The company is committed to maintaining regulatory compliance, striving for continuous improvement, and ensuring customer satisfaction. However, the company's growth was being hindered by the challenges posed by legacy ERP, a complex operation, and manual processes for production, quality, and compliance. Eventually, Rootstock and Compliance Quest came to their rescue.

The ASk

To comply with FDA Thailand Guidelines, it is essential to have a centralized solution that can record a large number of transactions originating from different departments. This solution should be able to automatically generate a user-specified series of numbers to identify and label each document with a unique running number. This numbering system is critical for maintaining accurate records and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Our Solution

The development of a solution to handle large number of transactions faced several challenges, including -

  • Differentiating multiple transactions done at same time by different users and assigning relevant auto document number from predefined type and series.
  • Overcoming of SOQL Query limits while dealing with large number of transactions
  • Differentiating transactions done by users at same time of same process.
  • Combining bulk transactions and generating single auto number
  • Comprehensive solution to overcome governing limits & salesforce platform limits.
The Impact

The solution implemented successfully reduced the need for manual interpretation and entry of document running numbers, particularly in cases involving a large scale of transactions. Thus, allowing users to concentrate the time saved on other activities for self-development.
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