The ultimate cheet sheet on CLOUD SOLUTIONS!

What is CLOUD

A cloud service is the computational system where the end user pays periodically for the privilege of having access to a service that is hosted remotely. When a hosting provider offers an application as a service, users subscribe to that unmetered service.  In many cases, the firm that developed the service […]

What Should Be Your Data Archiving Plan?

Irrespective of its size and revenue, organizations that run Baan applications extensively should consider doing data archival. Depending on the data transactions volumes, typically an organization should consider data archiving after 4-5 years of going live. Archiving in general is the process of moving historical data from the operational environment to a special archive […]

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How to Adopt a Strategic Approach to Data Archiving?

Organizations give a lot of emphasis and spend considerable time to build processes for entering data into an ERP system. Organizations also spend a lot of time in developing processes for archiving manuals, drawings, specifications, and other hard-copy documents. But, the question is -do organizations spend sufficient time on data archiving? In most cases, […]

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How to bring about Opening Balances into ERP LN

To start off with the definition of Opening Balance in laymen’s terms, it denotes the position of a business in terms of receivables and payables on a particular date. However in the ERP LN perspective the connotation is all encompassing. In this article we shall try to understand the various pre-requisites, process and the […]

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5 Reasons to Consider an Infor ERP LN Upgrade for Your Business

Upgrading to the latest release of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) is often seen as a complicated and intimidating task by many companies. Financial reports stating that such projects are expensive and time consuming make the matter scarier for chief technical officers (CTOs) to take the decision. However, the fact that most of ERP […]

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An accurate financial statement: A roadmap to business prosperity

From time immemorial, the success and credibility of any organization has been gauged in terms of its financial position and the respect it commands in the global market. Financial reports or financial statements, as commonly known in the business parlance, are a crucial benchmark, in determining the financial status of an organization, be it […]

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