We are very happy with the support being received now by coServe. The improvements to the service levels have been observable and impactful, and the organization has acknowledged a definite improvement since last year. We certainly appreciate the efforts coServe management have offered in getting the support back on track


Sean Byrne,
Director ICT,
Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning Company

Sean Byrnes, Director ICT

The coServe team

  • had a good understanding of our business and the business requirements regarding logistics and manufacturing and were able to propose improvements to processes (at ZMGA).
  • was very responsive to requests and changes and were very accommodating to the busy schedule of (key) users. They were also very patient and willing to explain things multiple times and provide support when requested, even in cases were the problem was not LN related but more about business processes. They were also able to extend on-site and off-site support duration and worked through their late evening to support the users
  • was not afraid to challenge key users and IS project manager about the right solution to be implemented
  • behaved in a professional and cordial manner
  • completed a complex project successfully :
    • migration in existing live system
    • CoA in line with ZGUS
    • BFC standards
    • Conversion of information in spread sheets and M3 to DOs
    • EDI with ZS (which was more complex than originally foreseen)
  • migrated data using upload scripts, thereby reducing manual effort


Henk-Jan Boer,
IS Project Manager,
Zodiac Aerospace


coServe finance consultants have the required knowledge on Baan IV c4 to support our users. Most of the issues were resolved as per service level agreements


Alex Mathews,
IT Manager,
Khalid Ali Alturki, Saudi Arabia

Sentralindo Teguh Gumilang
We are pleased to inform you that today 4 August 2014 STG has started to use LN.

We thank you very much for the support and efforts from coServe team in India to make this implementation successful.


Hanny Bogar
General Manager
PT Bisnis Sistem Indonesia