Security & Threat Management

Enhance the productivity of your IT systems by securing them with us

More time and resources are often lost in mitigating the effects of information security breaches and software malfunctions. What organizations require is a unified approach to Security that predicts and manages the full range of threats, integrates different security systems from different vendors, and implements a systems that blocks threats automatically, scales seamlessly, and offers business intelligence.

Security & Threat Management solutions by coServe

With our deep expertise in building enterprise applications, managing complex, global & large-scale implementations, partnerships leading software vendors, we offer advisory, development, implementation and maintenance solutions in Security & Threat Management for enterprises of all sizes.

Features of our solutions

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Ability to detect the full range of threats, including compromised credentials, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, malware, ransomware, etc.

Auto blocking of threats

  • -    Disables compromised credentials
  • -    Sets filters on firewalls & switches
  • -    Blocks, limits and redirects traffic

Intelligent detection and response powered by Machine Learning

  • -     Continuous improvement, no static rule set
  • -   Based on distributed ingestion of "big data" collected through system logs, network headers and operational user metadata
  • -   Behavioural analytics to identify the threats and to initiate corrective actions
  • -   Proprietary data models augmented by machine learning

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