Project Pulse

Complex projects managed easily by Project Pulse. Look inside how

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Highlights of Project Pulse

  • Seamlessly integrates sales, service delivery, resource management and financial operations.
  • Personalized role-based solution that enables each user to customize their user experience to increase productivity
  • Powerful predictive KPI indicators to help project managers to deliver projects on-time and on-budget
  • Forecast resource demand based on the sales pipeline.
  • Fully utilize resources and measure performance and profitability by business unit, region, project, resource and more.
  • Automation of project billing reduces errors and provides real-time visibility of the value of work performed
  • Recognize and manage revenue as part of the service delivery process, and see profitability at the client and project level. Project Pulse automates the labor-intensive manual processes associated with financial month-end close and provides real-time visibility into the financial health of your service operations.

Who Should Consider Project Pulse?

Efficiently managing delivery resources is the most important factor in running a profitable services business. If your company is experiencing any of the following concerns, you could significantly benefit from Project Pulse: 

  • Do you have difficulty consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget?
  • Do you have difficulty with resource planning and project staffing?
  • Are your projects not achieving the desired profitability and margins?
  • Is your current solution inefficient because of too many manual processes?
  • Does your team suffer from poor project collaboration?
  • Does management lack visibility into the quality of service delivery and the financial health of the business?

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How Project Pulse solves our Clients Requirements?

  • Create opportunity project and estimate costs based on scope of work.
  • Identify resource skills, match resources to requirements.
  • Allocate resources to projects
  • Execute project, Report work-in-progress and Invoice as per milestones.
  • Part of App Exchange and comes pre-integrated with RS ERP and Salesforce.

How Salesforce ecosystem helps Project Pulse implementation?

  • Manage Opportunities- visit/create interest on the products/services/projects.
  • Respond for RFQ: For product quote from price book.
  • For projects, create estimates.
  • Targeting: Run campaigns to target one/more markets.
  • Prospecting: Prospects could be searching for a supplier via www tendering or RFQ
  • Marketing plan is made on how to target the market
  • Create a list of potential customers/prospects and potential product/project/service needs.
  • Management of bids and projects-won and lost opportunities.
  • If won- for a product bid- copy quotation to sales order, update prices and discounts.