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coServe Advantage

At coServe, we have professionals who can understand your unique requirements and suggest solutions to help improve- your people productivity, material and production planning, financial management, sales and procurement. In simple words, you can do more with less. Contact Us today


You can put your money on a best in class, feature rich software product. When poorly configured, your investment is left open to risk of not meeting current and future business challenges. The success of implementing a product depends on tools and methodology as much as on the consultants. Our methodology is agile oriented; giving you much needed quick gains and not expect you to wait till the end of the project to measure success



We assist you in identifying the upgrade path. If your business wants to go for Transformational, Functional or Technical upgrade, we have the tools and people to carry out the activities. We collaborate with you and identify the scope of upgrade, provide you with business benefits and carry out cost benefit analysis to determine the upgrade strategy that suits you.


Aside from module training, we can teach you functional concepts, customization and development knowledge at your premise or remotely



Our experienced support analysts provide SLA based functional and technical support on Baan IV c4 (with localizations), Baan 5c and ERP LN (FP2,FP3, FP5 and FP7,FP8,FP9).
Support coverage is provided 24X7 for critical incidents, 8X5 for all other severity incidents.
Language supported: English
Modules covered: All Baan IV c4 and LN packages and modules.
Support services include below

  • Functional support
  • Customizations
  • New developments
  • Enhancements
  • Interfaces with Baan/Infor ERP
  • Release Management, SP/FP installation
  • Administration
  • Security Management
  • General Table Maintenance

We provide solution documentation with screen shots identifying the root-causes.

  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Work Bench

coServe has specialized sets of services that it offers for enterprises, resulting in best in class realization of IT investments on ERP software. Enterprises can aim to benefit from coServe’s ability to stand for enterprise needs, understand the enterprise class requirements and meet the benchmarks without compromising timelines and quality. Broadly speaking, coServe offers the following enterprise services:

Gap Analysis – A capability perspective

coServe excels in offering the following need based services through a broad range of proven capabilities. Following services are offered after a thorough gap analysis of the enterprise IT systems in ERP space.

  • Consultancy on ‘Hardware Sizing’ for your implementations
  • Effective and competent training for end users, key users and your consultants
  • Suggest, design and help you deliver your ‘Customization Needs’
  • Help you provide long term support and maintenance services for customizations
  • Collaborate and work closely with you to decide upon the best implementation methodology
  • Help Enterprises set up support and maintenance operations for your ERP
  • Help Enterprises by being the central hub in maintaining and empowering their ‘Knowledge Networks and Repositories’
  • Consult, offer and implement ‘Migration Solutions’ for both database and application migrations for Enterprises
  • Offer hands on assistance in finalizing Implementations, Loading Data and ‘Testing’ new work environments with key users
  • Run old, legacy systems and new systems in parallel and help release the new system for final use
  • Offer ‘Documentation’ of new procedures and customizations

Business Process Consulting

coServe Solutions offers both on-site consulting as well as cyber (offshore) consulting based on the requirements of our enterprise customers.

  • Understand and comprehend the nature of business
  • Gap Analysis
  • Meticulous Hardware Sizing
  • Competent Product training for key users
  • Faster delivery of final system for business

coServe Solutions has best in class consultants with in-depth product and industry expertise. The technology spectrum that coServe operates is widespread and distributed across the Infor ERP domain. Some of the consultants were directly involved in the development of the BaaN ERP IV c4, BaaN ERP 5.0c, BaaN ERP 5.2, Infor ERP LN (FP0-FP10) and can effectively map business requirements with the product.

Customization Work Bench

coServe Solutions helps in identifying product gaps and bridges these gaps with quality customizations. While our customers focus on their core competences of understanding their customers business needs and in the delivery of complex projects, our team provide them with the needed functionality as customizations. Our technical expertise and long term experience on old and latest BaaN tools ensure quality customized solutions delivered
on time with good documentation, procedures and help.

  • Best People on the customization project
  • Strong and Dynamic project leader to deliver
  • Take Advantage of ‘Industry’s Best Practices’ built into the package
  • Following Scrum Methodology of agile software development

coServe also helps you implement these solutions at your site, thus providing a hassle free, dependable long term support and maintenance solution for the customizations.


  • Enterprise
  • Excellence
  • Optimization
  • Productivity

The coServe team comprises of best in class technology professionals competent in Infor ERP products. Backed by a mix of domain expertise and technical edge, coServe’s competence centers concept offers unmatched competency focus, delivering best of breed solutions to customers. Problem solving, business process re-alignment and agile based implementations are a direct result of the investments that coServe carries forward always on building and demonstrating competency based approach. coServe has established center of excellence for enterprise solutions which delivers ERP solutions to customer’s problems in the best possible fashion.

Center of Excellence for Enterprise Solutions

coServe Solutions hosts a Center of Excellence for enterprise solutions to serve its customers looking for knowledge and execution power. Powered by a team of experts, who have extensive experience in the area of enterprise solutions development and implementation. coServe Solutions can bring the right business value to its customers. We believe that speed, quality and agility in the business world are pre-requisites for sustainability and excellence. In order to achieve that, businesses demand services that guarantee higher quality in shorter cycles of time, with a distinct cost advantage. Our Center of Excellence for enterprise solutions is a composition of experts who have been contributing to such business values connecting technology and operations. We can therefore help professional services companies to scale up the service level they can offer their customers. In any enterprise level solution engagement, it is the most important to provide a solution that contributes to business performance of the customer. Such an engagement would typically cover a range of niche services, which coServe Solutions team could help you to deliver to your customers. These services are offered as generic (non-customer specific) services in our Centre of Excellence. This Centre of Excellence complements our Offshore Engagement Model, in which we offer dedicated services to our customers. The services in the Centre of Excellence and the Offshore Engagement Model together, can provide you with an even stronger combination of knowledge and execution power.


The Centre of Excellence Concept:

Our Centre of Excellence is a generic, non-customer specific offering on top of our Offshore Engagement Model. It is generic in two ways: it offers services that are non-customer dedicated and non-technology specific. Where the Offshore Engagement Model offers customer dedicated team in various operational modes and technologies, the Centre of Excellence boosts these team and also offers additional consultancy services. In order to offer the necessary in-depth knowledge, we can host several Competence Centers within this Centre of Excellence. These Competence Centers are dedicated to a specific field or technology, for Example ERP LN. In whatever field coServe Solutions sees the need for a specialized Competence Centre we will set that up. Of course, some of the services are applicable in general, for instance our expertise on the SCRUM and Agile methodologies, team building and the continuous improvement of our Offshore Engagement Model along with our internal methodology coTrust.

ERP LN Competence Centre:

As an integral part of our Center of Excellence, the ERP LN competence centre provides an assemblage of ERP service offerings to Infor partners who focus on coordinating and aligning their to coordinate and align there customers IT services to their business goals. coServe Solutions team members have proven track record in ERP space in development, implementation consulting and customizations. With strong leadership, excellent team building skills, strategic partnerships and talented people, coServe Solutions wants to leverage its potential towards building long term relationship by providing a dependable knowledge backbone, supported by the necessary execution power to help you deliver value to the business.


Cost Optimization:

We believe that cost saving and prevention are both very important in today’s business. coServe team has the expertise to provide solutions that will help you defer costs in terms of new investments and save costs by improved implementation of business process. We automate as much as possible so that the system builds sustenance in itself and the business leaders can focus on their strategy and operations.

Resource Productivity:

Do more with less or same, this is what coServe believes is the need of the hour for most enterprises. The continuous pursuit of excellence demands that the productivity of enterprise resources also continuously improve. Providing automation to small but routine manual operations is one example that can radically improve the human resource productivity. Consolidating information as through portals and dashboards will provide better insight into bottlenecks giving rise to solutions. Web and mobile enabling of business process will provide extensibility to the business improving the responsiveness in the organization.

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  • Solution
  • our-services

As enterprises are becoming more agile and they need to respond to dynamics of demand change from their customers, planning process should reflect
the reality considering the material and capacity constraints”- This calls for a new generation of the best of the breed advanced planning and scheduling systems to be in place.
APS systems are the result of blending innovations in understanding and dealing with real-world (customer) problems, together with innovations in software design and implementation that allow deployment of features that were not possible in the past.
APS technology has blossomed into one of the most important advances in business applications in the recent past. Its impact on the manufacturing planning and scheduling process is more revolutionary than evolutionary. APS is defined as a system and methodology in which decision-making, such as planning and scheduling for industries, is federated and synchronized between different divisions, within or between enterprises, to achieve total and autonomous optimization. APS systems found to have the functionalities required for the changing dynamics of the business taking advantage of advancement of computing technology.
The changing business environment calls tools and technique that helps organization to be agile and able to respond dynamics of changing customer demands. Availability/Accessibility to real time information is the need of the day. APS systems help the organization achieve this objective by leveraging on advances in Information technologies and also improves enterprise wide Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Challenges in the Implementation of APS Systems

Despite known advantages of the APS systems, modern day business climate encompasses the following key challenges in its implementation:

Challenges from the Customer

  • Maturity of the process
  • People readiness for change to APS
  • Complexity of the processes being supported
  • Decoupling point for implementation (Installation to an going analysis and optimization)
  • Customer expectations management
  • Data complexity (BOM/ROUTING)
  • Make to stock Vs make to order
  • Uncertainty of demand
  • Functional process supported (New sale and / or after sales)
Challenges for the vendor

  • Understanding the customer requirements and suggesting the suitable solution
  • Solve the challenges arising out of customer and solution by constant review
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Possibility to extend the solution across the enterprise
  • Product agility to changing customer’s business process
Challenges from the solution proposed

  • Single site Vs multi-site
  • Open loop Vs Closed loop
  • Minimise planning level critical information
  • Horizon for planning
  • Complexity of ERP data source to be integrated
  • Availability of kye data
  • Cleanliness of data
  • Use Standard integration template or customize the integration

coServe Solution

coServe has mastered itself in offering solutions around advanced planning and scheduling systems thus helping organizations improve profitability, achieve leaner modes of operation and increased customer satisfaction. coServe team understands the challenges faced in implementation of APS systems and have positioned ourseself to offer best in class solutions through our agile based ERP implementation methods.
coServe understands the major factors for the successful implementation of APS systems. It selects the APS system that will suit the functional requirements, which is scalable to suit the dynamics of changing business requirements. coServe provides further training to the customer in APS concepts and using the products. Once implemented successfully, coServe ensures that the following advantages of APS systems are passed on to the organizations:

Advantage of APS systems

  • Reduces work-in-process inventory (Possibly by 20 to 70%)
  • Reduce make-span time (Posibly by 10 to 60%)
  • Improves customer response at a lower cost
  • Improves Throughput, and / or minimizes then manufacturing of extra parts(Possibly 2 to 6%)
  • Allows for continuous synchronization of resources
  • Improves order promising capabilities
  • Provides visibility across the supply chain
  • Reduces overtime
  • Improves on time performance
  • Provides the ability to simulate “what-if” scenarios improving management decisions

Organizations are increasingly looking to empower their business lines through informed, correct and swift decision-making input factors. Business decisions and impact on the outcome is directly proportional to the intelligence that is banked upon to make the decision. Failing to assimilate, consume and process the right information in the right context with the right precision will be a mistake that companies cannot make in the tough competitive market space they operate in.
A 2009 Gartner Group paper predicted these developments in Business Intelligence market

  • Due to lack of information, processes and tools, through 2012, more than 35 per cent of the top 5,000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets..
  • By 2012, business units will control at least 40 per cent of the total budget for Business Intelligence.
  • By 2010, 20 per cent of organizations will have an industry-specific analytic application delivered via software as a service as a standard component of their Business Intelligence portfolio.

coServe Solution

coServe’s Business Intelligence (BI) practice allows organizations to have access to critical information at the right time in the right sense. Expertise on technologies, tools from coServe’s consulting team help enterprises stay on the edge to make sure they achieve their market goals in an efficient fashion. Differentiator to the corporate business success is possible through coServe’s BI practice and implementation.


Proven market leaders agree to the fact that demand forecasting for the matter, is not just a numeric but an act of probability. Ability of an ERP software to forecast the entire supply chain gamut under umbrella is the key for a successful technology strategy for an enterprise. ERP software vendors like Infor specializes in providing cutting edge demand forecasting solutions that can help organizations save costs and increase productivity through the business cycles. However consultants who can specialize in the implementation, customization and analysis of a complex demand forecasting solution are a rare commodity in this market.

coServe Solution

coServe’s consultants provide unmatched expertise in offering demand forecasting solution implementation using Infor suite of products. Ability of coServe’s team help organizations leverage the implementation of demand forecasting solutions across the enterprise. Successful implementation is ensured which results in a coordinated supply chain that results in enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profitability.