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The business environment is highly demanding now a days. Application failure and unexpected downtimes can cause serious and irreversible business implications. With costs mounting in all directions, budgets shrinking, disruptive technological changes, and growing complexity of application environments, the cost effective and technically sound option would be having a dependable IT services partner maintain and support your strategic and mission-critical IT applications.

coServe has been effectively managing the complete ERP applications of some of the leading global majors. One of our fundamental standards in our business, is the application’s Maintenance and Support. It’s the process of putting in place skills and measures required to support an application system to ensure it runs optimally. It involves constant monitoring, troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing of the application system.

Our flexible and cost-effective engagement models permit us to be our clients’ partner of choice for strategizing and delivering tangible business value.

Software Maintenance Services Categories

Adaptive – Modifications in system to keep it compatible with changing business and technical environment.

Perfective – Fine tuning of all elements, functionalities and abilities to improve system operations and perfectness.

Corrective – Detecting errors in the existing solution and correcting them to make it works more efficiently.

Preventive – Preventive software maintenance services help in preventing the system from any upcoming vulnerabilities.

Our ASM service is a Multi-Tiered Technical support that focuses on preempting issues, optimizing the workforce & transforming the application portfolio with digital solutions.

Key Highlights of our ASM proposition

  • Services delivered 24×7 through a global delivery model with Remote Access Program
  • Service standardization through best in class processes
  • Bring in heavy automation to drive year on year efficiencies
  • Metrics driven service and performance management
  • Non-linear pricing models for cost predictability

The are the 5 strategies we follow for managing our customer expectations.

Openly discuss solutions

coServe has highly knowledgeable customer support teams those are well-versed in the solutions to every potential problem and be able to speak to those possibilities quickly. We manage customer service expectations by openly discussing possible solutions to a problem with the client.

Provide clear timelines: Glitches, errors, and bugs in B2B software can be irritating and costly to customers. Our teams will ensure customers are well-informed of not only how long a phone call will take, but how much time and work is required to get them a solution as quickly as possible.

Be transparent and honest: Transparency is absolutely crucial to managing B2B customer service expectations effectively and will affect clients’ ability to trust a company. Remain optimistic, but realistic: The complexities of certain problems and the workload of our team members, support experts can gauge how a particular ticket will be solved and the time investment that is required. While it can be nerve-wracking to tell a client, a problem will take longer than expected to resolve, it is more important to be realistic than set expectations that can’t be met.

Follow up regularly

Finally, our support teams can manage customer service expectations by following up after each stage of the resolution process. coServe has a very good and fortunate experience in extending the functionality of the customer’s business by tailoring the behaviour to individual business needs or preferences with affecting the business. We believe that certain principles are central to organizations as well as to client’s success. Innovation, integrity, transparency, and commitment are embedded in our DNA, and this helps us in promoting a sincere customer service culture. Our leadership has created an inclusive culture as we engage with team and market, which eventually brings openness, knowledge sharing and innovation in our daily work life. This ongoing commitment by leadership helps in improving customer experience throughout the customer journey.

coServe believes in “Make a customer, not a sale”.

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