AI powered Chatbot Engagement Development

Losing sales opportunities is not fun We create new sales channels for you through AI & state of the art chatbot toolset


What is a Chatbot?

The AI powered chatbot we are developing for a Health Sciences customer creates a new sales channel for their products thus generating additional revenue stream. The chatbot is basically a light weight cognitive workforce. The conversational portion of the chatbot is based on natural language processing & we support multiple languages, the control flow is AI powered & is based on continuous learning capability, the enterprise data is integrated in real time with CRM & ERP applications on cloud. With the combination of these features, the chatbot powers tremendous growth of the business.

Our Expertise

We also have the expertise to develop & deploy chatbots to streamline the shopping process through personalization, to enable context sensitive communication, to improve response rate on surveys and to automate repetitive tasks. We work with the best of the breed chatbot platform providers for the right solution with the optimum pricing in shortened timelines. We will guide you through all phases of the intelligent chatbot implementation for your enterprise – defining the goals, designing the conversations, selection of the right platform, integrations with enterprise systems, support of various channels and escalation process to humans. We will walk you through this exciting journey.


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