Salesforce CRM is an essential ingredient for any business growth. It is the most fundamental responsibility of the organization to maintain them by being efficient and effective. These are the reasons how customer relationship management (CRM) technology can help to grow and improve your business  and explained salesforce CRM benefits performance by being connected to the customers:



Now, let us look into the 6 key Salesforce CRM Benefits that will improve your business:

  1. Lead Conversion Improvement
  2. Improve Customer Relationship
  3. Improve Your Business Sales
  4. Boosts Employee Productivity
  5. Good customer Service Delivery
  6. Improve Customer Retention


#1 Conversion of Leads into Sales:

If you’re a small business, who needs to grow fast and save time do this trick :

Connect your marketing tools such as email, social, marketing automation, etc. to your CRM platform. By bringing sales and marketing together you can make the most of it. Both of them would have an entire view of leads and prospects, for creating, targeting and engaging conversations with customers ultimately reaching to decision-making faster.


Salesforce CRM applications have a verified record of growing:

  •  27% Lead volume
  • 28% Campaign deployment
  • 30% Lead conversion rate
  •  25% Marketing ROI

#2 Form more Intense Customer Relationships:

By generating an in-depth knowledge of a customer’s business, you can form a solid bond with customers built on trust and mutual success. 

By following these factors a CRM system can help a business:

1. Examine Customers’ Challenges: 

  • Discover what matters to customers – Goals, Challenges, and Preferences.
  • Provide a follow-up action plan according to customer’s needs and wants.  
  • By keeping track of these notes in your CRM system, one can simply follow the conversation where they left off.


2. Interact with a feeling of being more connected: 

Understanding a customer’s business challenges and goals will lead to:

  • More accurate recommendations.
  • Appropriate products.
  • Special promotions or content. 

With CRM, you get to know what a customer has purchased and how they’re using your products or services, so you can provide the most relevant content and information.

3. Scale Your Employee and Salesforce Customer Relationships: 

  • A small business must offer personalized experiences to its consumers.
  • It becomes difficult to remember every detail of a single customer and when to catch up with as you grow. 

With a CRM platform, you can obtain entire customer data, host email templates, set up task reminders and permits phone calls to make the follow-up process much faster and easier.

#3 More Rapid Sales

New customers are an essential element of continuous growth, but they’re not simple or cheap to get. Advantages of Salesforce CRM is that it provides more clarity of the upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities across the customer portfolio.

A CRM system can assist you to reduce sales cost by:

  • Enhancing sales productivity: CRM automatically prioritizes leads and chances that are highly expected to convert into sales based on customer’s interaction with your business.
  • Increasing sales efficiency: Identify which customers are interested and when is the right time to approach for optimal response.
  • Increased upsell and cross-sell rate: With CRM, you can already observe all of the progressing opportunities which are a good fit for add-on deals.
  • Unveiling referral business: Rather than spending for dead-end leads or wasting time cold calling, find brand new opportunities in existing relationships.
  • Decreasing time to seal a deal: When you have a 360-degree aspect of your customer, you can spontaneously arrange your team on the next moves to seal a deal.

#4 Boost Employee Productivity:

When businesses embrace the right technology, old-fashioned operations like seeking for contact information or accessing data can be automated or passed from customer-related processes. 

Automation over sales, service, and marketing will save employees time they spend more on communicating to promised customers and establishing good relationships with existing ones, ultimately transforming your business remarkably.

#5 Deliver Superior Customer Service:

Even before and after-sales the product must be as good as the service which might come along with it. A customer might not prefer multiple promotions which would lead them to bother and scare them away. You must avoid making mistakes after-sales waste all the time and effort that went into gaining a worthy customer.

Salesforce CRM provides instant access to a customer’s entire history to your whole team who can quickly and easily give personalized messages and solutions. Meantime building trustworthy bonds and encouraging customers to repeat business.


A CRM results in a:

  • 22% drop in support costs
  • 26% rise in customer retention
  • 31% quicker case resolution
  • 35% increment in customer satisfaction

#6 Enhance Customer Retention:

With complete access visibility of all your customer relationships, your teams can go ahead addressing accountants that are at risk and provide new opportunities at the same time. You can deliver more comfortable purchases and service experience leading to improved customer retention with clarity into customer’s histories, active campaigns or open cases.


So now you understand what and how CRM performs in your system allowing you to access all the customer database with easy and deliver satisfying service to the customer. We also explained how Salesforce CRM  benefits and helps to enrich customer service and customer retention.