Extensive ERP Modernization for efficient business process reengineering


The legacy ERP system at Zodiac Aerospace did not have the scalability to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing business environment. The organizations investments in business process reengineering and efforts at enhancing operational efficiency were being negated by the limitations of the legacy systems. The efficacy of the system was affected by multiple issues, including (a) inaccuracies in inventory records resulting in stock-outs, overpromising, and missing deliveries, (b) non purging of old data leading to slower response times of system, and (c) multiple information systems impeding best practices sharing.


coServe offered a comprehensive ERP modernization solution, through our technical & business consulting, solution design, ERP LN implementation and training. We served as a trusted ERP consulting partner to harmonize the client’s information systems, bring their multiple manufacturing units under one single ERP LN platform.

The services delivered included:

Advanced, scalable costing and inventory valuation solution across all manufacturing plants enabling reliable, robust business process reengineering.

Intelligent reporting solution for analytics driven decision-making leading to better efficiencies.

Improved interface between PDM and ERP LN helping in better resource and operational efficiency.

Enhancements to MRP set-up and intensive training to planners and buyers resulting in transformed, responsive supply chain .

Fully automated, error-free bilateral invoicing eliminating the need for manual reconciliation and correction of COGS and revenue numbers.

Migration of CoA in line with ZGUS BFC standards, conversion of information in spreadsheets and M3 to Dos, EDI with ZS, and migrated data using upload scripts.

The coServe team had a good understanding of our business and the business requirements regarding logistics and manufacturing and were able to propose improvements to processes (at ZMGA). They were also able to extend on-site and off-site support. The team was very responsive to requests and changes and were very accommodating to the busy schedule of (key) users. They were also very patient and willing to explain things multiple times and provide support when requested, even in cases where the problem was not LN related but more about business processes. They were not afraid to challenge key users and IS project manager about the right solution to be implemented; operated in a professional manner; and completed a complex project successfully.

Henk-Jan Boer IS Project Manager,
Zodiac Aerospace.

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