Future business solutions for the Organisations “DO IT ONCE & DO IT RIGHT”. CoServe Solutions partner with ComplianceQuest to provide the Most comprehensive EQMS(Enterprise Quality Management system) Solutions built on Modern cloud technology SALESFORCE PLATFORM to all different types of Manufacturing industries with the benefits of CompianceQuest to bring out the Business optimization with a high degree of operational excellence. 

Around the globe, today Manufacturing Organisations are facing far more complexity in meeting the global regulatory landscape and new challenges are arising every day. CQ software is Reliable, versatile and scalable for all size companies. Regulators are demanding more visibility into Operations and records to compliance data have been collected at an accelerated phase and many manufacturing companies lack the systems to harness and analyze business intelligence data that rely on standard reporting processes are struggling as this traditional method provides very little visibility into compliance.

Industries are identifying the EQMS solutions to addressing today’s risk compliance and enhancing the operational excellence and business optimization issues requires dynamic new tools and innovative approaches to connect the Gaps and identify the process flows and this is where integrals quality compliance and business operations. CoServe can assist by working with the client to develop customized analytics solutions that transform raw data into valuable resources.

Why Companies require Salesforce




  • Improves customer data quality & Management
  • Improves customer service and support
  • Reduces cost associated with sales, Services, and Marketing
  • Scalable as business size changes
  • Increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Improves mobility of the business

9 Benefits of ComplianceQuest for the customers with Salesforce cloud




  • Integrity
  • The high degree of data Security
  • Transparency in the data 
  • Social Collaboration (chatter) 
  • Data Analytics (Dashboards)
  • Data Reports
  • Multi-Tenant Infrastructure 
  • Provides 360 degrees view for the Vendor Management by salesforce community
  • One Integrated CRM Platform for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Commerce, Services, IT.

Below are the Project Implementation differences with On-Premises and Implementation On Cloud

EQMS On-Premises CQ on cloud
Hardware Installation (Design Qualifications, Installation Qualification & Performance Qualifications)System Implementation(OOB)
Software licensesSubscription Fees
System ImplementationConfiguration changes
Hardware upgrade and RefreshPerformance Validation of Pre-configured features
Software license Maintenance Training
Technical System administration Deployment
Patch Management
Performance Tuning

Implementation of CQ through salesforce cloud will take lesser time when compared with On-premises Implementation. 

Modules in ComplianceQuest

ComplinceQuest Modules


  • Controlled Document Management
  • Training Management
  • Change Management
  • Equipment Management (Calibration)
  • Inspection Management
  • Non-conformance Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Audit Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Compliant Management
  • Incident Management

Regulations supported by ComplianceQuest




ISO 9001:2015 – General Quality System

AS 9100 – Aerospace and Defense

IATF 16949 – Automotive

ISO 13485:2016 – Medical Devices Quality System

ISO 14971 – Medical Devices Risk

GMP / ICH Q10 – Pharma/Bio Quality System

FDA GxP – Life Sciences (Part 820/210/211)

21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 – ERES and Audit Trail

OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 – Safety

ISO 14000 – Environmental

ISO 27000 – Information Security

Benefits of ComplianceQuest Modules

Modern Manufacturing will have numerous challenges & competition in the global market is fierce and customers continually demand more for less without effective control over the complete product life cycle. Quality will falter having a means to record data and activities electronically i.e ComplianceQuest (CQ) can go a long way in ensuring manufacturing success. Electronics based record-keeping means no more lost documents or filling errors. CQ an EQMS will eliminate paper-based processes and ensure the products accompany manufactures are of the highest quality.

Benefits of ComplianceQuest & Regulatory Requirements can be managed with a complianceQuest electronic quality management system to ensure conformity throughout the entire manufacturing process in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. This Proves Invaluable industry standards such as FDA, GMP, EMEA, ISO can be easily meet and auto validation within the CQ reduces the audit observations.

Companies who chose a CQ to manage QMS systems see a big improvement in the cross-functional team’s communications the software provides real-time access to quality manufacturing data for a sync view of the enterprise through effective CRM, ERP, PLM, LIMS, HRMS Integrations comes a single source of truth that ensures consistent quality processes. Inspection Steps remain constant and unique without the chance of Out of date. Failed Inspection can be recorded in Nonconformity Putting the material on Hold until the Non-conformance has been closed. Corrective action or Preventive Action (CAPA) that is generated either internally or externally, a supplier can electronically track within the CQ solution with the detailed task plan.

CQ software provides the power and flexibility to create record queries and manage traceability requirements driven by compliance and quality completely in the Document Management system. Document control management will ensure the revision control and current documentation is always available and periodic review requirements can be scheduled and managed within the CQ.

CQ Supplier Management Provides the 360-degree view/Collaborations through the supplier portal where the supplier/Vendor/customer can be communicated about the business needs and tracking the compliance, Performance Monitoring, Audit Survey and Many more.

Lack of Visibility and transparency is the biggest obstacle in companies face when it comes to building a strong supply chain. Success for the modern manufacturers requires efficient communications with the suppliers/vendors and the ability to track the supplier performance into Key Performance Indicators such as Delivery, cost & compliance. Understanding the real cost of supplier failures including the cost of associated with poor supplier quality provides the CQ users with the data to make meaningful change.

CoServe in ComplianceQuest Implementation

Over the 5 years, CQ software is refined its implementation methodology whereby the team can go in and out in record time we won’t have to spend months and months implementing and customizing solutions because CQ is an OUT OF THE BOX preconfigured solutions that require very trekking in order to successfully implementing the CQ software by using benefits of ComplianceQuest. CQ Software is designed in such a way that implementation gets ahold of it they can very easily personalize to fit any company needs for process and Usability. 



ComplianceQuest benefits are extremely adaptable 100% cloud-based EQMS created utilizing the Salesforce platform. We make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by quality, compliance, content, and collaboration management workflows.  It also makes Globally-based supply chain networks more efficient utilizing the world’s diverse proven enterprise cloud platform from Salesforce with these 9 Benefits of ComplianceQuest that will improve your business in 2020.